Mohammed Hussain Naseem

Founder, 2mpower Health Management Services

Mohammed has spent two decades with corporate world (GE, Wipro, IBM, Infosys) in senior positions across various continents, before venturing into wellness space addressing the employee health & wellbeing. He is a graduate from IIT-Powai in Mechanical Engineering & Masters in Industrial Engineering & Medical Physics from University of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). He is passionate about adventure sports and participates in marathon events across the country.

Mohammed founded 2mpower Health Management Services in 2009 with few of his close friends to address the issues of sedentary lifestyle in India Inc. 2mpower has designed GetActive, which is a wellness platform for corporates, to engage employees meaningfully in health & fitness activities over a sustained duration. Mohammed firmly believes that wellness can become integral part of people, if it can be gamified, leveraging social media, mobility and wearable computing devices. Today, GetActive is the leading platform in the employee wellness space, serving large corporates in Asia & Europe. For more information, visit