About HITLAB World Cup India 2015

HITLAB World Cup India 2015 in collaboration with HealthStart, India is an innovation competition forming a part of the HITLAB Innovators Summit. The goal of the Challenge is to invite critical thinkers worldwide to propose innovative concepts for enhancing prevention, early diagnosis, management and improving the health and quality of life of patients.


How it Works

Applicants are invited to submit their Round One submissions online here by July 19, 2015. Full rules, regulations and application instructions can be found here.

The HITLAB World Cup℠ challenges entrepreneurs and innovators in healthcare and information technology to submit original methods for improving healthcare access and delivery.

This year, HITLAB has collaborated with HealthStart, India to inspire innovators to propose solutions for unmet healthcare needs. HITLAB World Cup India 2015 in collaboration with HealthStart, India offers funding, mentoring, expertise, and showcase opportunities. See below for more information.



  • Focus Areas include Digital Healthcare, MedTech, Wellness, Disease Management, Fitness & innovative distribution & business models that improve accessibility or affordability.
  • Startups should have minimum of a prototype or proof-of-concept or pilot scale process.

  • They must also have a business plan or model.

Round One: Business Plan Submission Deadline: July 19
Shortlisted companies to be invited for investor committee: July 31
In person, Investor Committee presentation in New Delhi, India & Selection of Finalist: August 6
Round Two: Live Final at HITLAB Innovators Summit in India Final pitches & selection of Winners: August 7

*All deadlines are at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the respective days.


Judges will analyze and score entries based on a common set of criteria focused on:

Impact Innovation Sustainability Feasability
Winning entries will demonstrate an ability to effectively solve an unmet healthcare need. Proposals must delineate how the solution differs from current practices or services and technology available in the healthcare or consumer markets. Submissions must provide evidence that the solution can be delivered to the marketplace in a sustainable business model. Entrants should demonstrate that the concept is feasible and show that they have the background and skills necessary to execute their business plan.