Pete Celano, MBA

Director of Consumer Health Initiatives, MedStar Institute for Innovation

Pete has worked in healthcare for 20 years, including as a co-founder of and before that the owner of a Software-as-a-Service company in the x-ray space, for sharing DICOM images among hospitals. (Vienna, VA) was founded in 2009, and is a competitor in Remote Patient Monitoring, having spun out of MicroStrategy, Inc.

As Director of Consumer Health Initiatives for the MedStar Institute for Innovation, Pete is especially focused on making patient access more convenient and friction-free.  A major area of interest is cloud-platforms that can tie into the EMR, to drive new system revenue, reduce costs, improve outcomes and extend access.  Another interest area is screening patients using evidence-based questionnaires, especially on the web and mobile.

A major focus for Pete includes the Employer, and how Wellness programs can be brought to bear to improve care and lower costs.

Pete has a BA and MBA from the University of Virginia, and has presented at a variety of meetings and conferences on Digital Health, Mobile, Cloud Platforms and Access.