You’re invited to take part in the second annual HITLAB Innovators Summit on December 3 & 4 in New York City.  The HITLAB Innovators Summit is designed to foster cross-sector conversations between health innovation stakeholders.  Thought leaders and practitioners from across the health tech spectrum — including medicine, technology, policy, funding, design, and branding — gather to learn, share, and connect through a series of carefully curated events designed to improve healthcare worldwide.

If your mission is to improve the quality and accessibility of global health through innovation and technology, the HITLAB Innovators Summit is where you need to be.  It is more than a just an annual conference ­—it’s a diverse community of creative, disruptive thinkers focused on transforming the healthcare landscape, and you can be part of the conversation.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Igniter $10,000
Innovator $20,000
Thought Leader $50,000


For questions regarding sponsorship contact Stan Kachnowski at 212-543-0108 or e-mail us at