Susan bratton, mba

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Savor Health

Susan Bratton is the Founder and CEO of Savor Health, a patient- and caregiver-focused provider of a comprehensive range of personalized solutions to the nutritional issues experienced by people suffering from chronic medical conditions such as chronic renal failure, heart disease, diabetes and the Company’s first vertical of oncology.  

The Company’s proprietary algorithm takes patient-specific information and applies evidence-based nutrition science to customize recommendations to help manage treatment side effects and provide supportive nutrition.   Susan started Meals to in 2011 after losing a friend to a brain tumor and, through that experience, becoming aware of the significant unmet nutritional needs of people with these chronic conditions.  Prior to starting Meals to Heal, Susan had a 20-year career on Wall Street as a  healthcare services investment banker.  

Susan is an outspoken and tireless advocate for cancer patients receiving proper nutrition and nutrition support during treatment and for the healthcare system to make proper nutrition an integral part of cancer care delivery in the United States.  In addition to her role as CEO of Meals to Heal, Susan speaks nationally about the importance of ensuring proper nutrition in the cancer patient.  Her work in oncology extends beyond Meals to Heal and speaking engagements to her volunteer work at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in pediatrics and as a runner for Fred’s Team to raise money for research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  

Susan earned a B.A. from Duke University and M.B.A. from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business.