Winning entries will demonstrate an ability to effectively solve an unmet Healthcare.

  • Define and quantify the target population(s) who will utilize the solution. This may include patient population anywhere in the world, caregivers, family members, healthcare professionals, or others.
  • Explain the unmet need and its significance to the target population and related stakeholders.
  • Show how the solution or idea will fulfill or mitigate the unmet need. Concepts can focus on Prevention, promoting early diagnosis, enhancing patient outcomes, lowering healthcare costs without compromising quality, and/or making the management of patients more efficient.


Proposals must delineate how the solution differs from current practice or services and technology available in the healthcare or consumer markets.

  • Describe what makes the concept different from existing offerings.
  • Highlight the novelty of the solution, such as the use of new technology or practice or unique and creative applications of existing technology or protocols.


Submissions must provide evidence that the solution can be delivered to the marketplace in a sustainable business model.

  • How much funding and  or revenue have you generated to date? What are your projections for the future?
  • What are your costs for operations, production, and other expenses?
  • Demonstrate that the concept can be feasibly scaled from a prototype to broad distribution within the target population.


Entrants should demonstrate that the concept is feasible and show that they have the background and skills necessary to execute their business plan. If the team reaches the semifinal and final levels, feasibility will ideally be demonstrated with a prototype or other proof-of-concept.

  • Provide evidence that you can turn this idea into your reality. Describe your prototype, pilot study, research, or anything else that provides this evidence.
  • Describe the technology or processes behind the solution.
  • Describe how the strengths of each entrant would support the process of bringing the concept to the marketplace.
  • Include background details such as education, professional experience, leadership abilities, and technological capabilities, in addition to other potential attributes.


Over the course of the competition, participants will receive points for sharing information about the Healthcare Innovation World Cup with their communities via social media and referring others to enter the competition. Submissions may receive a maximum of 15 points for performing the following actions:

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